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Innovative Products and Services from PWCRIS

PWCRIS continuously develops and deploys new products and services to help retailers and consumer products companies maximize performance while minimizing risks and challenges. Visit this page often to learn about the latest innovations from Retail Forward.

PWCRIS’s Customer Intensification Process. You know what you sell. But, do you really know what your customers are buying from your competition? Do you want to get inside the minds of your customers? Do you want to optimize your sales and profits? If you answered yes to any of these questions, click here.

Proven Consulting Solutions. PWCRIS’s leadership team brings over 150 years of experience delivering solutions to critical issues faced by some of the world’s leaders in retailing and consumer products marketing. Our consulting services address a wide range of strategic issues and information needs and include: corporate strategic planning, market positioning strategy, new concept development, e-business and multi-channel strategy development, brand strategy, globalization strategy, customer analytics, acquisition due diligence, and future forces analysis. Click here to learn more about PWCRIS’s proven consulting solutions.

Unique Research Capabilities. PWCRIS’s seasoned consultants and senior economists have monitored the trends, analyzed the issues, and projected the outlook for retailers and consumer products companies around the globe for over 30 years. Senior executives from hundreds of retail and consumer products companies rely on PWCRIS as their direct source to timely and objective perspectives on retail and consumer products trends and issues year-round. Our research capabilities include: consumer research, economic forecasting, industry analysis, competitive analysis, distribution channel analysis, financial analysis, store audits and assessments, and benchmarking/ best practices research. Click here to find out how we can put our research skills to work for you.

Entering a new market? Developing a new store concept? Examining your distribution channel strategy? Whatever your objective, you need answers and you need them fast. PWCRIS’s Quick Facts® service is just the information solution you’re looking for. Find out what our expert and experienced researchers can do for you – faster, more cost-effectively, and more comprehensively than any other research firm or information service by clicking here.

News Feeds Enterprise can also be purchased at an annual fee of $15,000. News Feeds Enterprise is unlike any research platform you’ve seen. Nowhere will you find just the news you’ve asked for about your industry, your competitors, your key customers, and/or your functional area.

PWCRIS’s Intelligence Program. The intelligence program delivers timely and in-depth market intelligence to global retailers and consumer products companies looking for a better idea of what the future will bring. Through conferences, newsletters and special reports delivered year-round, the intelligence program gives executive management teams direct access to industry thought leadership and cutting-edge views that challenge their strategic thinking.

Retail Images . Do you need retail images for proposals, presentations, continuing education, or just to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in retailing?