About Us


 PWCRIS’s destiny is to advance the frontiers of knowledge and understanding of the emerging issues affecting retailing and consumer products marketing. Our seasoned staff of consultants and economists seek to help clients realize growth objectives and achieve success by delivering savvy and objective market intelligence and innovative solutions.

With over 160 years of combined experience working together serving retailers and consumer products companies, the leaders of PWCRIS are creative, insightful, and street smart.

PWCRIS is a management consulting, research, and development firm specializing in retail and consumer products marketing. PWCRIS has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions to critical issues faced by some of the world’s leading retail and consumer products companies.

PWCRIS’s leadership team is street smart and creative. Our consultants and economists have over 150 years of experience addressing strategic retailing and consumer products marketing issues. Our consulting services address a wide range of strategic issues and information needs and include: corporate strategic planning, market positioning strategy, new concept development, e-business and multi-channel strategy development, brand strategy, globalization strategy, customer analytics, acquisition due diligence, and future forces analysis.

PWCRIS has monitored the trends, analyzed the issues, and projected the outlook for retailers and consumer products companies around the globe for over 30 years. Senior executives from hundreds of retail and consumer products companies rely on PWCRIS as their direct source to timely and objective perspectives on retail and consumer products trends and issues year-round. Our research capabilities include: consumer research, economic forecasting, industry analysis, competitive analysis, distribution channel analysis, financial analysis, store audits and assessments, and bench marking/ best practices research.

The Price Waterhouse Coopers Retail Intelligence System delivers thought leadership no other retail research or consulting firm can match. Over 25 retailers and consumer products companies around the globe look to the Intelligence Program to help them make faster and better strategic decisions and anticipate the future needs of their customers.


PWCRIS’s mission is to be the leading strategy consulting group providing retailers and consumer goods companies with professional services aimed at improving their market and financial performance.

We are thought leaders who anticipate market change and assess the impact of these changes on our clients’ operations and performance.

We provide outstanding value to our clients through our industry knowledge, our technical and functional skills, our fact-based philosophy, and through our association with best-in-class implementation resources.