The Problem

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You can’t get Wal-Mart to listen to you …all Wal-Mart seems to care about is “dead net cost” that wrecks your margins

Business as usual is a thing of the past. The traditional marketing mix that once ensured success, no longer works.

  • You present your National Sales Plan and they ask “where is your Wal-Mart plan”
  • You hear that “Wal-Mart shopper insights” are important but you don’t have those insights and don’t know how to get them
  • You hear Wal-Mart cares about “retailtainment” but you don’t know what that means for you
  • Wal-Mart tells you they want “added value”, not “added cost” and that all your programs are “added cost”

The rules for winning have changed and you don’t have the new rulebook: 117 million people shop at Wal-Mart each week and you need to convert more of those shoppers to buying your brand! Price Waterhouse Coopers Retail Intelligence System can help you get this done!

The Process

7 Steps To Selling More At Full Margin

PWCRIS works with companies to create a customized Brand Conversion Marketing™ plan that converts existing Wal-Mart shoppers in-store and in-aisle to buying your brand.

The PWCRIS team is uniquely qualified for this work:

  • Unsurpassed knowledge of Wal-Mart
  • Outstanding shopper research capabilities
  • Great managerial experience: brand, sales and category management
  • In-depth executional experience and the ability to deliver turn-key solutions

The Steps to Brand Success:

  1. Truly understand a company’s business: its products, marketing and sales plans
  2. Overlay this understanding with deep retail experience and insight
  3. Conduct Wal-Mart-specific shopper research in three phases, with retailer input and participation at all times
  4. Create a turn-key “selling solution” including both the “nuts and bolts” and the “WOW” factor
  5. Sell a test program starting with the biggest and best opportunities
  6. Obtain retailer approval for field trials that fine tune and improve the program
  7. Analyze results, make improvements and expand the program

We can assist you in executing and expanding programs beyond the test market

Brand Conversion Marketing

Brand Conversion Marketing provides the most efficient and productive method for you to increase sales, profits and brand equity using available brand resources.

Brand Conversion Marketing integrates knowledge of shopper behavior ~ with informative, involving and entertaining solutions ~ that cater to specific brand needs ~ while serving the retailer as well.

Using Brand Conversion Marketing, clients experience significant benefits:

  • Converts strong share of existing store traffic
  • Increases transaction size
  • Increases Sales, Profits and Brand Share
    Causes higher In-Stock Levels at Retail
  • Increases brand “equity” via appropriate and powerful messaging
  • Provides a mutually profitable experience with Wal-Mart
  • Enlists in-depth, hands-on senior management that promotes Wal-Mart’s on-going support
  • Creates unique client/customer relationship that align your brand with Wal-Mart and their shoppers

PWCRIS’s Brand Conversion Marketing:

  • Sells to the best target in the market, the customer already in the store
  • Builds brand equities to offset loss in effectiveness from mass media and promotion
  • Enlists in-depth, hands-on senior management that promotes Wal-Mart’s on going support
  • Creates unique client/customer relationships that align your brand with Wal-Mart and their shoppers